“A small but persistent discipline is a great force; for a soft drop falling persistently, hollows out hard rock.”

St. Isaac of Syria

  Hello! I’m Karen bowman.

Are you a woman overwhelmed with the necessity of facing a major life transition? Feeling the tension between the familiar past but deeply longing for an unknown personal fulfillment that seems out of your grasp?  Do you long for work that brings joy and significance to your life but feel alone and insecure on your path of discovery?  Do you want help to discover what you truly want and a safe place to explore and create a new future?  I help women who are looking for more to realize their dreams for a second career and find fulfillment and significance. 

My own journey of discovery began in 2020 with the desire to find a new path forward.  When I discovered the power of the coaching process to help people create the change they want in their lives, I was hooked.  I want to share this process with others.  I want to help them to achieve their own lasting change.  It is such a privilege to come alongside clients as they realize new dreams to make a new future.

I bring a variety of experiences forward into this new season of life.  I come with a liberal arts education, experience as an educator, 25 years as a mid-level management and IT professional, 25 years growing as an Orthodox Christian, and over three decades as a wife and stepmother to a lively and lovely family.  Sprinkled throughout is a love of learning, teaching, and serving others.  I love travel, adventure, and grandchildren.

I have invested in over 100 hours of ICF aligned coaching instruction with PCCI.   Both PCCI and ICF safeguard the highest standards for professional coaching, and I am currently on the path to achieving both professional certifications.  Additionally, I am a Certified Brain Based Coach through Crossways Life Coaching, LLC.

As an Eastern Orthodox Christian, I seek God’s will daily and I am grateful every day for the opportunity to move forward.  I am grateful to God for everything in my life.  I strive to be grateful for the bitter and the sweet.  He has brought me through hard things and blessed me beyond what I thought was possible.  I carry my faith with me with every breath, but there is no requirement that my clients be Christian.

 I have struggled through darkness in my own life and have been graced with light and beauty as well.  This is true – the patterns of my past do not define my present and future.  I am adding new chapters to my life story to build a better legacy, better than I ever thought possible.  This is true for you too. Are you ready to open the door to new possibilities in the next season of your life?

If my story speaks to your heart, feel free to contact me for a no-obligation discovery conversation. I’m looking forward to answering any questions you have.  You can schedule time on my calendar here.

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